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Our Products for Civil Engineering

Drainage Cell FDC

Concrete Mattress CM

Silt Curtain SC

X-seam Bag XB

Flexible Rock Bag FRB

Geosynthetics Clay Liner GCL

Geocomposite Geotextile GC

Geogrid FG

Geomembrane GM

High Strength Woven Geotextile HWW

Non Woven Geotextile FP

Woven Geotextile W

Geotextile Bag GTB

Geotextile Tube GTT

Erosion Control Mat ECM

FabriFlex Civil Engineering Solutions: Building Infrastructure Durability

Explore FabriFlex’s range of specialized civil engineering products, such as Drainage Cell FDC, Concrete Mattress CM, and Silt Curtain SC. Designed for applications like erosion control and infrastructure support, these precision-engineered textiles and bags ensure project longevity and stability, meeting the demanding needs of the civil engineering sector​.