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Concrete Mattress CM

Fabriflex Concrete Mattress CM is manufactured from two layers of engineered fabric filled with cement mortar and innovative concrete block technology. The material is lightweight and can be easily transported to remote areas for site filling. Flexibility given by the fabric allows the filled mortar and concrete block to conform to underlying soil. Underwater filling made possible by confining the filling in between the fabrics.

The material is mainly used for erosion control and pipeline protection. Depending on the hydraulic condition, different thicknesses of the mattress can be manufactured to suite the site requirements. Our Concrete Mattress CM comes in different forms, it can be manufactured as an impermeable layer which as as a barrier, permeable layer with filter points to allow water dissipation or vegetation friendly flexible mattress that could accommodate vegetation growth.

Targeted Solutions for Erosion and Infrastructure Protection

Fabriflex offers specialized concrete mattresses for robust riverbank erosion control, ensuring long-lasting stability and environmental safety.

Tailored for coastal defense, these mattresses combat erosion and preserve shorelines effectively.

Designed to protect structures from scouring, enhancing longevity and safety.

Ideal for protecting berthing areas against erosion and damage.

Ensure canal integrity with these durable concrete solutions.

Safeguard pipelines with specialized mattresses designed for optimal protection.

  • Riverbank erosion control
  • Coastal protection
  • Structure scour protection
  • Berth protection
  • Canal protection
  • Pipeline protection
Sealing, Erosion Control, Containment, Protection

Uniform Thickness

Fabriflex concrete mattress is uniform, ensures performance across the mattress. 

Factory Controlled Quality

Our concrete mattress goes through stringent factory control, minimises site construction errors.  

High Performance

Our concrete mattress has high mechanical resistance and can be designed to withstand high hydraulic actions.

Flexible Installation

Fabriflex concrete mattress installation is fast and could be installed underwater.

Highly Customisable

Our concrete mattress comes in different forms and accessories to suits different project requirements. 

High Durability

Fabriflex concrete mattress is durable and lasting, comparable to concrete structures. 


Concrete mattresses, also known as concrete mats, are pre-made concrete slabs designed for applications such as scour protection, pipeline stabilization, and the construction of revetments in marine and coastal areas. Renowned for their durability and flexibility, these mattresses are easy to install, offering a reliable and adaptable solution for a wide range of environmental needs.

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