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Drainage Cell FDC

Superior Drainage Solutions

Size: 600mm x 500mm

Height: 50mm

Weight: 5kg/m2

Material: Recycled Polypropylene 

Compressive Strength : >220 T/m2 

Discharge Capacity: >25 L/m/s @ 1% gradient

  • Horizontal Deck Drainage – Roof Garden, Planter box 
  • Infrastructure Drainage – Railway, Roads 
  • Wall Drainage – Retaining Wall, U-Drain, Tunnel 
  • Field & Landscape – Playground or Sport Field
Seperation, Protection


Very low cost compared to traditional aggregate system.

High Compressive Strength

The cell structure is designed to provide compressive strength of more than 220 T/m2.

Fast Installation

Very fast & easy due to its modular construction, skilled labour is not required.

High Flow Rate

Large volume voids to provide high flow & discharge capacity.


Made from recycled poplypropylene material which has high chemical resistance & inert to natural occuring microorganism, acids & alkalis in soil.


No maintenance is required.

Environment Friendly

Green product.

  • Apply waterproofing layer & protection screed as specified. 
  • Install Drainage Cell on the structure. 
  • Lay geotextile filter on top and bottom of Drainage Cell. 
  • Backfill permeable sandy soil as specified. 
  • Place permeable top soil as specified. 
  • Proceed with landscaping or paving works.

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