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Erosion Control Mat ECM

Erosion Control Mat

FabriFlex Erosion control mats are three-dimensional mat specifically made to prevent slope erosion and promote vegetation growth. The three-dimensional structure of erosion control mat helps to restrain the movement of topsoil on steep slopes, preventing it from falling before vegetation growth. When the slope is hydroseeded, the erosion control mats protect the seed from being washed away. When vegetation started to grow, roots penetrating through the three-dimensional structure reinforces the vegetation. Erosion control mats are highly resistance against environmental and chemical degradation.

  • Riverbank erosion control
  • Structure/ Slope erosion protection
  • Canal protection
  • Landscaping
Erosion Control, Protection

Factory Controlled Quality

FabriFlex erosion control mat undergone extensive quality control. Ensuring the quality of each component.

Fast Installation

Fabriflex Erosion control mat are very light and easy to install, it does not require any heavy machinery. 

Environment Friendly

FabriFlex erosion control mats are a soft engineering method, it allows vegetation to grow on top and provide a base for vegetation roots.

Cost Effective

FabriFlex erosion control mat is a cost effective solution compares to the conventional close turfing method. It is fast and easy to install. 

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