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Flexible Rock Bag FRB

Flexible Rock Bag

Flexible Rock Bags are highly durable net-bag that could accommodate a variety of fill choices from gravel, stones and crushed concrete. The net is made from highly UV stablised polyester yarn and tested against abrasion, eliminating possible corrosion problems that arise from structures made from steel and abrasion from sand particles.  

Contributed from its flexibility, FabriFlex FRB can conform to various challenging terrain yet able to maintain a steeper slope angle as compared to riprap owing to the restrain of the net structure. When deployed as a hydraulic structure (i.e., revetment, scour protection, etc.), the system can achieve similar performance as riprap constructed using a flexible rock bag with smaller stone size.

  • Revetment structures
  • Scour protection
  • Shoreline protection
  • River/canal bed protection
  • Temporary structures
Erosion Control, Containment, Protection, Reinforcement

Extreme durability

FabriFlex FRB uses Highly stabilised yarn for the netting has 50 years duration with 70% retained strength. It is also resistant against abrasion caused by sand particles from wave actions. 

Yarn types

FabriFlex FRB can be produced with standard or heavy duty yarns for demanding site specific requirements.


FabriFlex FRB conforms easily to surrounding terrain for new projects or repair works. Without the need to flatten the surface, it accelerates installation work. 

Ease of deployment

FabriFlex FRB installation is easy by lifting and placing. With the right tools, underwater installation is also possible.

Cost reduction

FabriFlex FRB can be constructed steeper slope, provides cost saving in fill materials and space.

Improve wave stability and soil retention

FabriFlex FRB can reduce wave energy thus improving soil retention similar to riprap. 

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