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Geocomposite Geotextile GC

Composite Material

FabriFlex GC represents the composite group of materials formed by combining more than one type of synthetic materials. It represents material such as geocomposite drainage net for drainage application, composite nonwoven for elevated filter or outdoor performance or even composite geogrid to enhance separation. 

Composite materials are manufactured to fulfil certain demand, be it site condition or a special requirements for the project. The most commonly used composite material is geocomposite drainage nets to facilitates in-plane flow. This materials are used to replace natural drainage material for cost effectiveness and better technical performance.

  • Geocomposite drainage net for in-plane drainage 
  • Composite non-woven geotextile for better exposed performance
  • Composite geogrid for extra separation performance
  • And others….
Filtration, Separation, Erosion Control, Protection


FabriFlex GC has the flexibility to be customised to suits the project or client/engineer’s requirements.

Excellent In-plane flow

FabriFlex GC geocomposite drainage net provides similar in-plane flow performance to natural drainage material. 

Improved Performance

FabriFlex GC is manufactured to improve the performance of the material, giving a better cost benefit to the project.

Environmental Friendly

FabriFlex GC commonly has an improved performance for either reducing required material or improving service life, a better option for environmental protection.

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