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Geogrid FG

Polymeric Geogrid

FabriFlex FG is are a polymeric, mesh-like planar structures consisting of aperture openings in between a longitudinal and transverse ribs integrally connected at an angle. The high tenacity fibres used to form the ribs are further protected by a layer of protective polymeric coating. 

FabriFlex FG comes in a large range of strength for different applications. Geogrids are commonly used as reinforcement for different application from road base stabilisation to reinforcement for wall and slope. Their large apertures are ideal for granular fill, restraining lateral movement of the fill material by mean of interlocking effect.

  • Road base stabilisation
  • Wall & slope reinforcement
  • Basal reinforcement
  • Piled embankment
  • Veneer reinforcement

Interlocking Effect

FabriFlex FG  geogrid provides laterial restrain to base course, further enhancing its performance.

Cost Effectiveness

Thinner road base could be used for similar performance, reducing the overall project cost.

Highly Durable

FabriFlex FG can be designed to 120 years design life, ensuring the longevity of the structure.

Highly Versatile

FabriFlex FG is suitable for a wide range of reinforcement application.     

Fast Installation

FabriFlex FG comes in roll form, laying the material is quick and simple.

Environment Friendly

FabriFlex FG reduces the use of concrete and fill, reduces overall carbon emission.

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