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Geomembrane GM

Polymeric Geomembrane

FabriFlex GM HDPE geomembrane is manufactured by extruding polyethylene into a sheets of membrane. High density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane are widely used as barrier for various containment applications owing to its chemical stability and low permeability. 

FabriFlex GM HDPE geomembrane has excellent chemical resistant. The material could withstand wide range of chemicals with minimal effects to its performance. Seams and overlaps on the geomembrane is further sealed by fusion or extrusion welding. HDPE geomembrane has long track records, proving its effectiveness in different conditions. 

  • Landfill base & cover liner
  • Water & wastewater containment
  • Mining application
  • Agriculture & aquaculture
  • Coal ash containment
  • Renewable energy
Sealing, Containment, Protection

Chemical Resistance

FabriFlex GM is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acids and bases. 

Excellent Durability

In a non-exposed condition, FabriFlex GM has extremely long service life in standard condition. 

Excellent UV Resistance

FabriFlex GM could perform in outdoor/exposed environment for an extended amount of duration.

Varying Surface Texture

FabriFlex GM can be manufactured with textured surface for better frictional performance.

Environmental Protection

FabriFlex GM limits the infiltration of chemicals into the ground, reducing pollutions for man-made projects.

Proven Quality

FabriFlex GM undergone extensive QC-QA checks from manufacturing to installation processes. 

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