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Geotextile Tube GTT

Geotextile tube (Geotubes)

FabriFlex Geotextile Tube GTT (Geotubes) is manufactured from high strength geotextile to form a tube like large containers for various hydraulic applications. The geotextile tube is generally filled with in-situ sand slurry for rapid deployment. They are used mainly to form artificial coastal or near shore structures such as breakwater, groin, revetment, etc. for erosion protection. Geotextile tube is used as an alternative to hard erosion protection structures for its cost, technical  and environmental benefits.   

By varying the geotextile component, FabriFlex Geotubes can be used for dewatering of sludge in mining, agricultural and environmental applications. The geotextile tube acts as a containment for the sludge while allowing water draining from the geotextile, effectively reduces the volume of the sludge and area required to contain it.

  • Riverbank erosion control
  • Coastal protection
  • Structure scour protection
  • Flood protection
Sealing, Erosion Control, Containment, Protection

Factory Controlled Quality

FabriFlex geotextile tube (geotubes) undergone extensive quality control. Ensuring the quality of each component.

Increase Durability

Our geotextile tube can be manufactured with coarse fibres used as surface material to increase the service life.

High Flexibility

FabriFlex geotextile tubes are highly flexible, able to conform to deformation without jeopardizing the system. 

Fast Installation

Filling of geotubes is achieved by in-situ material, accelerating the project’s construction process.

Highly Versatile

Our geotextile tube is highly customisable to suit the site condition. It’s versatile arrangement ensures different configuration possibilities.   

Environment Friendly

FabriFlex geotextile tubes are soft engineering method, it allows natural elements to grow on the surface, incorporating ecological approaches to erosion management.

Cost Effectiveness

Our geotube are used to reduce import materials or in case of dewatering, improve effectiveness of sludge management.

What are Geotubes, Geotextile Tubes Protection?

Geotextile tubes, also recognized as geocontainers, geotubes, soil tubes, geotextile containers or dewatering tubes, are crafted from high-strength polypropylene woven geotextile, offering exceptional resistance to ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, and biological degradation. These robust and adaptable containers, essential in environmental engineering, are pivotal for dewatering dredging slurry.

As geotubes, they effectively allow water to filter out while retaining solids, making them ideal for creating stable landforms and protecting shorelines. Their durability and functional design make them indispensable in projects aimed at ecological preservation and infrastructure development, where stability and environmental sustainability are paramount.

How are Geotubes installed for erosion control and dewatering projects?

Geotube installation involves pumping dredged material mixed with environmentally-safe polymers into the Geotube container. The mixture separates solids from water, which then drains through the fabric’s pores, leaving the solids behind. This process is repeated until the Geotube is filled. Over time, water continues to evaporate, further consolidating the solids and reducing their volume by up to 90%. The filled Geotube can be disposed of or left on-site, depending on the project

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