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High Strength Woven Geotextile HWW

High Strength Woven Geotextile

FabriFlex HW is a type of woven geotextile manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns with superior tensile performance. It is commonly used for reinforcement for soil structures (i.e., embankments, slopes, etc.). It is also used in piled embankment to improve the system by replacing concrete slab or reducing pile cap size. 

FabriFlex HW, high strength woven geotextile is able to achieve but not limited to 1,000 kN/m. High quality yarns are used to manufacture the material, ensuring excellent tensile strength mobilisation at low elongation, excellent long-term performance against creep reduction, installation damage, chemical and biological degradation.

  • Reinforcement for soil structures 
  • Reinforcement for hydraulic structures 
  • Reinforcement for piled embankment
  • Reinforcement for working platform
Filtration, Separation, Reinforcement

High Tensile Strength

FabriFlex HW has huge range of tensile strength selection for different types of application.

Excellent Long-term Performance

FabriFlex HW uses high quality yarns to ensure better long-term performance.  

Reduces Differential Settlement

FabriFlex HW reduces differential settlement by evenly distributes settlement of the soil structure.

Fast Installation

FabriFlex HW comes in roll form is easy to install. Just unroll, lay and overlap/stitch. 

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission 

FabriFlex HW enables faster construction and uses lesser construction materials, reduces overall greenhouse gas emission.

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