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Non Woven Geotextile FP

Nonwoven Geotextile

Fabriflex FP is manufactured from randomly laid polymeric fibres needle-punched together to form a geotextile sheet. Nonwoven geotextile has high mechanical robustness and excellent filter performance, they are typically used for separation and filtration in applications such as civil, hydraulic, containment, etc. A unique characteristic of needle-punched geotextile is the high elongation, allowing great conformance of the material towards deformation.  

FabriFlex FP produced using high quality fibres ensure superior resistance against chemical degradation. The geotextile is UV stabilised to prevent rapid degradation before soil cover. The material comes in roll form is easy to work with, requiring minimal machineries and labours.

  • Separation in civil application
  • Filtration for hydraulics and civil applications
  • Protection in hydraulic and environmental containment application
  • Erosion control for temporary slope protection
Filtration, separation,

Large Range of Thicknesses

FabriFlex FP is produced in a wide range of thicknesses for different applications. 

Excellent Deformation Conformance

FabriFlex FP has excellent elongation performance, able to conform to deformation easily.

High Robustness

FabriFlex FP has good resistance towards installation damage, able to withstand harsh installation condition. 

High Filtration Performance

FabriFlex FP is designed for long term filter performance which excellent water permeability.

Cost Effectiveness

FabriFlex FP is a cost effective alternative against granular filters without sacrificing performance.

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