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Silt Curtain SC

Silt Curtain SC

FabriFlex SC Silt Curtain are floating barrier specially manufactured to control turbidity in marine construction such as hydraulic sand filling and dredging. It prevents migration of fine soil particle and sediment into surrounding water environment, allowing the disturbed sediment within the contained area to settle. The system is easy to install and can be rapidly deployed.

Silt Curtain SC are highly customizable to meet client and site requirements. Different combination of pervious or impervious curtains and other components could be designed depending on the water depth, flow rate and other hydraulic actions.

  • Construction works adjacent to waterbody
  • Construction works in waterbody
  • Hydraulic structures repair works
  • Coastal/marine dredging
  • Reclamation works
Filtration, Sealing

Prevent Migration of Fines

Fines are contained within a determined perimeter, preventing outward migration to a larger area. 

Accommodate Settlement of Fines

Fines are given the right environment to settle by reducing the hydraulic actions within the contained area. 

Protects Environment

Impact of water quality is greatly reduced, protecting the marine life in the vicinity.

Cost Effective

FabriFlex Silt Curtain SC is a cost effective solution compares to the conventional turbidity control solution. It is fast and easy to install. 

Flexible Deployment

On site where escaped suspended sediments must be minimised, multiple layers of Turbidity Curtain can be rapidly deployed. 

Highly Customisable

Our silt curtain can be manufactured with different material combinations and length as required by the engineer/client. 

High Durability

FabriFlex silt curtain, a reliable turbidity control solution, manufactured from high quality material, ensuring its durability.

What is a Silt Curtain?

A silt curtain, also known as a turbidity curtain, turbidity barrier, silt barriers, silt boom, or floatation curtain, is a barrier made of geotextile fabric that is used to control the movement of sediment in water. Silt curtains are typically deployed in waterways during construction activities or other projects that could disturb the bottom sediments. The curtain acts as a physical barrier, preventing the sediment from becoming suspended in the water and causing turbidity.

The Benefits of Silt Curtains

Silt curtains are an effective way to protect aquatic life from the harmful effects of sediment. Sediment can smother plants and animals, and it can also clog gills and interfere with feeding. Silt curtains can also help to prevent the spread of pollutants, such as nutrients and pesticides, that can be attached to sediment particles.

Looking for a reliable silt curtain supplier in Malaysia? Explore FabriFlex Silt Curtain, your trusted turbidity control solution, designed to safeguard aquatic environments and maintain water clarity.

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