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Woven Geotextile W

Woven Geotextile

FabriFlex W is manufactured by weaving two or more sets of polymeric filaments/yarns to form a geotextile with stable pattern. Woven geotextile has high tensile modulus and able to support soil structure when installed under weak ground condition. Using the right weaving technique and filament type, they serve as an effective filter with good permeability and soil retention.

FabriFlex W comes in a varieties of configuration to suit your application. Woven geotextile is commonly used for separation, filtration and stabilisation. Stringent quality control ensures the material meets project requirements.

  • Soft soil stabilisation for various infrastructures 
  • Separation in civil application
  • Filtration for hydraulics and civil applications
Filtration, Separation, containment

Excellent Tensile Properties

FabriFlex W has excellent tensile modulus for effective reinforcement and stabilisation. 

Excellent Permeability

FabriFlex W has excellent permeability, optimising water flow across the material. 

Excellent Soil Retention

FabriFlex W has excellent soil retention, preventing soil migration and intermixing. 

Cost Effectiveness

FabriFlex W save costs by reducing the required fill material, installation time, machineries and labours.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission 

FabriFlex W enables faster construction and uses lesser construction materials, reduces overall greenhouse gas emission.

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