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X-seam Bag XB

Nonexposed Seam Geotextile Bag

Seams are traditionally the weakest component in geotextile bag. High quality yarns that comes with a cost or special installation configuration is required to ensure the seam is well protected. To solve these problems, FabriFlex X-Seam is a type of geotextile bag manufactured using special technique to conceal the seam. 

FabriFlex X-Seam can be manufactured using different types of geotextile,  ideal for various hydraulics applications. Without worrying on UV degradation and mechanical damages of the seam, the product usage is straightforward and easy to install.

  • Riverbank erosion control
  • Coastal protection
  • Structure scour protection
  • Berth protection
  • Canal protection
  • Landscaping
Sealing, Erosion Control, Containment, Protection

Nonexposed Seam

UV degradation on yarn used at seam is one of the biggest causes of bag failure. FabriFlex X-Seam nonexposed seam eliminates this concern. 

Factory Controlled Quality

Client has the option to request for all components to be factory made, eliminating any site errors. 

Increase Durability

FabriFlex X-Seam’s conceal seam and coarse fibres used as surface material increase the service life.

High Flexibility

FabriFlex X-Seam bags are highly flexible, able to conform to deformation without jeopardizing the system. 

Fast Installation

Only needs minimal machineries and manpower. FabriFlex X-Seam bag comes with a zipper closure option, save time on site hand stitching. 

Highly Versatile

FabriFlex X-Seam customisable bag’s component suites different site’s requirements. It has  versatile arrangement.   

Environment Friendly

FabriFlex X-Seam bags are soft engineering method, it allows vegetation to grow on top.

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