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Dewatering Filter Bags DFB

Dewatering Bags for Filtration

Fabriflex DFB dewatering filter bags are container made from high strength geotextile with designed textile opening size which will allow industrial waste sludge material to be filled in the container at the same time extra water can drain out of the container. Our wide selection of heavy duty textile with different water flow rate and opening size enable our client to design their filter bag at the optimum size. Most of the time these bags are custom made to suit client application and waste bin dimension.

The waste filled in the DFB are dewatering without the need of coagulant and are mostly done using gravity dewatering. This type of bags are commonly used in small scale industrial dewatering of industrial wastewater, refinery wastewater, agricultural waste dredging, etc. Upon completion of dewatering process, the filter cake inside the bag can be easily removed from site, providing an environmentally friendly solution for the project.

  • Industrial dewatering
  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Refinery wastewater
  • Sludge pond dredging
  • Agriculture waste dredging
Filtration, Sealing, Containment

Factory Controlled Quality

FabriFlex Dewatering filter bag undergone extensive quality control. Ensuring the quality of each component.

High filling capacity

FabriFlex DFB are manufactured with custom size and fabric with high seam strength hence can provide a higher fill volume and better filtration for the waste.

High Flexibility

FabriFlex DFB dewatering filter bags are highly flexible, and custom made of the bag provide high flexibility for the applicant of connection of this bag to the existing waste tank/ container.

Fast Installation

Custom made bag to applicant needs, hence only minimal machineries and manpower is required.

Highly Versatile

FabriFlex DFB is highly customisable to suit the site condition. It’s versatile arrangement ensures different configuration possibilities.   

Cost Effectiveness

FabriFlex DFB are used to improve the effectiveness of sludge management. Dewatered waste can significantly reduce the total volume sent to landfill for disposal.

What is a Dewatering Filter Bag?

A dewatering filter bag is a high-strength geotextile container designed to filter and separate sediment and sludge from water. Used primarily in industrial applications, it allows sludge material to be filled into the bag while excess water drains out through specifically sized openings in the textile. This efficient separation process helps manage waste and meet environmental regulations, making it ideal for tasks such as sludge pond dredging and industrial wastewater treatment. The robust construction ensures durability and effectiveness in demanding conditions.

Purpose of Dewatering Filter Bags in Industrial Applications

A dewatering filter bag manages and contains sediment and sludge while allowing water to drain out. Made from high-strength geotextile with specific opening sizes, these bags are used in industrial applications like sludge pond dredging and wastewater treatment. They efficiently separate and filter solid waste from water, ensuring environmental compliance and effective waste management. This process reduces waste volume and facilitates easier handling and disposal of sludge.

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