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Fabriflex Lightweight Textile Packaging

Film, Woven & Non Woven Textile

Fabriflex lightweight packaging textiles use lighter weight flexible polymeric textile with adequate durability and tensile strength, suitable for lightweight packaging. Similar to their heavy duty counterparts, they are customizable into different sizes to withstand a wide range of weights.

The light duty film/textile can be designed to have non laminated, single side laminated or double side laminated. Depending on the type of material to use, our client can choose to have a packaging material made from PP or PE depending on the strength against flexibility that is required. Other than this, the textile can also be custom made to the client’s colour requirement. 

Printing of company logos or brands can also be customized on the lightweight textile. By having our in-house fabrication team, our packaging material can be customized to any required sizes. Fabriflex’s lightweight textile comes in different thickness and grammage to suit our customer needs.

  • Material packaging
  • Material storage
  • Transportation of light material
  • Customizable packaging with printing
Containment, Protection

Highly Versatile

FabriFlex has a wide range of choices on lightweight textiles to suit client requirements. Size can be custom made and joined using in-house fabrication.

High Flexibility Material

FabriFlex lightweight textile has wide range of choice from lightweight with high flexibility material to lightweight with high strength.

Cost Effectiveness

FabriFlex can study client existing packaging methods and propose a better cost saving solution for clients. This can help our client to have extra cost saving on their packaging cost.

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