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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are engineered industrial containers with loops, made of flexible woven fabrics. During the manufacturing process, UV stabilizer is added to enhance its durability against UV exposure. FIBCs have high puncture resistance, making them durable even when they are filled with sharp and coarse materials like aggregates. They are also chemically stable against a variety of chemical substances. FIBCs are mainly used in the industrial sector for packing, storing and transporting of materials or goods. A wide range of sizes and lifting capacities are available for FIBCs, depending on the application requirement. FIBCs are environmentally friendly and highly cost effective in bulk products transportation. 

  • Material packaging
  • Material storage
  • Transportation of bulky material
  • Carrying of free flowing material
Sealing, Containment, Protection

Highly Versatile

FabriFlex FIBCs are all custom made to suit client produced in a wide range of thicknesses for different applications. 

Space saving

Fabriflex FIBCs can save usable storage space as it is stackable and barely has a volume of its own.

Optimizes Handling And Transport

Fabriflex FIBCs have integrated elevation loops, so it’s not necessary to use any external transport or handling device.

High Robustness

FabriFlex FIBCs can be designed to 1:5 safety factory and our fabric materials are highly durable. 

Cost Effectiveness

FabriFlex FIBCs is a cost effective alternative against other types of storage methods, and its price can be very competitive.

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