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Artificial seaweed fronded mattress FM

Artificial Seaweed Fronded Mattress

Artificial seaweed fronded mattress comprises of lines of polyethylene fronds attached to a concrete mattress, concrete block, grout bag, etc. When installed on the seabed, the polyethylene fronds float in the water like natural seaweed which increases the drag resistance of the current passing through. This action reduces the nearbed flow velocity and encourages soil deposition onto the mattress.  permanent sand bank reinforced by the polyethylene fronds is gradually formed on the mattress, providing scour protection against localized seabed erosion, and maintain the stability of the subsea structures.

  • Coastal protection
  • Structure scour protection
  • Berth protection
  • Pipeline protection
  • Offshore windfarm scour protection
Erosion Control, Protection

Prevent Migration of Fines

Fines are contained within a determined perimeter, preventing outward migration as sand settle within the mattress area. 

Accommodate Settlement of Fines

Fines migration occur due to under water current are given the right environment to settle by reducing the current and the fronded act as trap to retain the sand. 

Protects Environment

Seaweed like structure will promote marine lift activity in the FM installed vicinity.

Flexible Deployment

Fabriflex FM are often custom design to have different accessories to suit customer requirements during installation.

Highly Customisable

FabriFlex FM can be manufactured with different material combinations and fronded length as required by the engineer/client. 

High Durability

FabriFlex FM is manufactured from high quality material, ensuring its durability.

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