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Biodegradable Grout Bags ELB

100% Biodegradable Grout Bag

Ecoline bag are container bags made of 100% biodegradable or water-soluble polymer film, used for placement of concrete or grout in marine and offshore applications. The bags are deployed at the base of subsea structures, filling voids created by scour erosion and protecting the base in long run. They are impermeable and eco-friendly, allowing cement curing in the bags without leaking and polluting the environment. Once the cement is hardened and polymer film is dissolved into the water, it provides a permanent support and enhances the stability of subsea structures. These bags are getting more common day by day especially with more countries implementing zero plastic in the sea policy.

  • Waterway erosion control
  • Coastal protection
  • Structure scour protection
  • Berth protection
  • Deep water erosion protection
Erosion Control, Containment, Protection, Reinforcement

Factory Controlled Quality

FabriFlex ELB undergone extensive quality control. Ensuring the quality of each component.

High Flexibility

FabriFlex ELB are highly flexible, able to conform to deformation without jeopardizing the system. 

Fast Installation

Only needs minimal machineries and manpower. Filling and seaming the bags is easy and can be done on-site. 

Highly Versatile

FabriFlex ELB customisable bag’s component suites different site’s requirements.   

Environment Friendly

FabriFlex ELB bags are made from 100% biodegradable material to ensure zero plastic remain in the sea after these bags serve their purpose.

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