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Fabric Formwork GB

Fabric Formwork

Fabric formworks GB are innovative flexible concrete formwork made of permeable polymeric textile sheet, which can be used in both cast in-situ and precast applications. They are highly flexible for three-dimensional shaping of concrete structures and often use for concrete/grout casting in water. Custom size wide base pyramid grout bag, tunnel plug formwork, pipeline support junction crossing formwork, etc, are part of the project that we have successfully completed for our client.

Our highly skills and experience in custom made formwork has enable us to fabricate any form of fabric formwork our client has designed and with no limit in size.

  • Construction Concrete Formwork
  • Coastal protection
  • Structure scour protection
  • Berth Scour Repair
  • Tunnel Gap Repair
  • Pipeline protection
Sealing, Erosion Control, Containment, Protection

Control Uniform Thickness

FabriFlex GB is custom made with control thickness on each grout fill layer to ensures performance the formwork. 

Factory Controlled Quality

FabriFlex GB goes through stringent factory control with 100% QC inspection for every single GM bag produce to minimises error found offshore/at site.  

High Performance

FabriFlex GB has high mechanical resistance and can be designed to withstand high hydraulic actions before curing of fill material

Flexible Installation

FabriFlex GB is design for fast and easy installation especially when it is installed underwater.

Remote Operate Vehicle (ROV) Friendly

This custom-made formwork are often design to be ROV friendly for deep water grout bag installation using ROV.

Highly Customisable

FabriFlex GB comes in different forms and accessories to suits different project requirements. 

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