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Free Span Correction Grout Bag PGB

Freespan correction grout bags

Free span correction grout bags are highly durable engineered grout bags made of woven fabrics, specially designed for pipeline free span rectification, pipeline protection, and subsea structure stabilization. The grout bags are installed at a specific interval along the length of pipe, providing interim support to the pipe spanning, prevent overstressing of the pipe.

Grout bags are prefabricated according to design requirements and can be easily installed onsite, either by divers or ROV. Once they are fixed into position, cement grout is pumped in-situ, filling the bags and raising the pipeline into desired elevation.

  • Pipeline Free Span correction
  • Structure scour protection
  • Pipeline protection
Sealing, Erosion Control, Containment, Protection

Control Layer Thickness

FabriFlex free span correction grout bags is custom made with control thickness on each grout fill layer to ensures performance the formwork. 

Factory Controlled Quality

Our free span correction grout bags goes through stringent factory control with 100% QC inspection for every single bag produce to minimises error found offshore/at site.  

High Performance

FabriFlex freespan correction grout bags has high mechanical resistance and can be designed to withstand high hydraulic actions before curing of fill material

Flexible Installation

Our Free span rectification is design for fast and easy installation especially when it is installed underwater.

Remote Operate Vehicle (ROV) Friendly

This custom-made formworks are often design to be ROV friendly for deep water installation using ROV.

Highly Customisable

Our freespan correction grout bags comes in different forms and accessories to suits different project requirements. 


A freespan correction grout bag, also known as a fabric formwork, Freespan rectification bags or grout bag, is a large, flexible bag made of geotextile fabric that is filled with cement grout to support and stabilize pipelines in offshore environments. Freespans occur when a pipeline stretches over an unsupported distance, creating the risk of overstressing and potential damage. Grout bags are deployed underwater, typically by divers or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), to provide support and prevent pipeline movement.

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