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Pipeline Protection Cover PPC

Pipeline Protection Cover

Pipeline protection cover can be used wherever pipelines require protection against mechanical impacts or buoyancy uplift, onshore or offshore. This type of cover is different from conventional concrete encasements installed with conventional formwork systems, as with the custom made fabric formwork system it can be install very fast and efficiently. Prefabrication of the formwork in factory environment eliminates the need for any elaborate shuttering on site. 

This custom made units also allow quick assembly and also helps to speed up the installation progress at site. Special accessories are often installed for ease of installation, especially applicable for deep water installation using ROV.

  • Pipeline protection
  • Explosive and damage prevention
  • Underwater buoyancy control
  • Pipeline buoyancy control
Sealing, Erosion Control, Containment, Protection

Uniform Thickness

FabriFlex PPC is uniform, ensures performance across the mattress/bag. 

Factory Controlled Quality

FabriFlex PPC goes through stringent factory control, minimises site construction errors.  

High Performance

FabriFlex PPC has high mechanical resistance and can be designed to withstand high grout pumping during the filling process.

Flexible Installation

FabriFlex PPC installation is fast and could be installed underwater.

Highly Customisable

FabriFlex PPC comes in different forms and accessories to suits different project requirements. 

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