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Our Products for Oil & Gas

Fabric Formwork GB

Freespan Correction Grout Bag PGB

Pipeline Protection Cover PPC

Artificial seaweed fronded mattress FM

Biodegradable Grout Bags ELB

Offshore-Grade FIBC

FabriFlex Oil & Gas Solutions: Engineered Fabric Formworks and Advanced Textile

Discover specialized solutions for the Oil & Gas sector at FabriFlex, featuring precision-engineered fabric formworks and synthetic textile bags. Products include Fabric Formwork GB, Freespan Correction Grout Bags, Pipeline Protection Covers, Artificial Seaweed Fronded Mattresses, Biodegradable Grout Bags, and Offshore-Grade FIBCs, tailored for diverse industrial needs​.

Fabric formwork, a versatile construction method, allows for the creation of highly accurate, structurally sound components under various conditions. It’s particularly beneficial for underwater applications, such as pipeline stabilization and protection, seabed erosion control, and concrete mattress formation. Advanced textiles, crafted with durability and resistance to harsh environments, play a crucial role in operations like lifting, transportation, and containment, ensuring operational efficiency and safety in the demanding Oil & Gas industry.